11 Whatsapp Features You Never Knew About

Most of us use Whatsapp every day, but here are a few tips and tricks that you probably never knew which can make your life a little easier.

1. You can now write in bold, italics and strikethrough

Finally people will be able to understand your sarcasm…


To make messages bold just add an asterisk (*) before & after your text e.g. *hello* = hello
To make your text italics just add and an underscore ( _ ) e.g. _hello_ = hello
And to make your text strikethrough just add a Tilde (~) e.g. ~hello~ = hello


2.  Disable the blue ticks of misery

We’ve all been there, you’ve accidentally read your friends message, but you didn’t want them to know, but oh dear it’s too late to change it now. The blue tick has shown you for the poor friend you are, ignoring your friend’s message. However fear not, as Whatsapp are there for you with a sneaky workaround.


Go to settings>privacy>disable read receipts.


3. See who’s read your messages in a group chat

You are trying to organise drinks for next week, and some or your friends aren’t replying, but why? Do they have lives and aren’t on Whatsapp all the time? Or are they simply ignoring you? Well now you can find out!


Go to any of your whatsapp chats, tap and hold on any of the messages you’ve sent in the chat, and it shows who has read it and at what time, as well as who the message has been delivered too.


4. Stop snoopy people from reading your messages

Theoretically, WhatsApp messages are private – but not when you leave your phone on the table, and a new message notification pops up. How many times have you received a message that you preferred people wouldn’t have seen, but before you know it they’ve read the preview.

But don’t worry, you can now stop it from being read…

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