11 Whatsapp Features You Never Knew About


Go to Settings, then Notifications, and disable Show Preview. Now you can gossip in peace, without anyone accidentally reading your conversations by glancing casually at your phone when a notification comes in. Your notification still reveals who has just messaged you, without divulging any of its super secret contents.



5. Broadcast messages

We’ve long used the Bcc feature on email to make a group message seem personalised, and the good news is you can do this on Whatsapp too with its broadcast feature.


Simply click ‘broadcast lists’ in the top-left hand corner, just below the search bar. You can create a new list of contacts you want the message to go out to

6. Back up your messages

You’ve got a year’s worth of banter on your group, and you don’t want to lose it all when your phone inevitably dies, fear not! You can simply back up your messages automatically.


iPhone users get the option of backing their chat history to iCloud automatically on a daily/weekly/monthly schedule. If it’s only selected chat histories you desire, click on the chat you want, then the user’s name and finally email conversation to yourself. Android users can go to ‘Settings’, ‘Chats and calls’, and select the ‘Chat backup’ option, which will let you setup an automatic Google Drive backup. The next time you install WhatsApp from fresh on any device, you can simply select the Google Drive backup option at the setup screen, to have all your up-to-date messages injected into your device, straight from the cloud.

7. Turn off auto-downloads

I for one have certainly fell victim to Whatsapp’s automatic downloads. On a group chat, lots of photos are sent and before you know it they are in your photo gallery. Next thing you know your girlfriend is asking you why there’s 17 half naked photos of girls on your phone. Well now you can be spared the fear of needing to explain, by simply turning off automatic downloads, which has the added bonus of saving your data plan!

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