2-Year-Old Freaks Out When Told She Doesn’t Have A Boyfriend in Adorable Video

A toddler from Alabama is going viral after she completely freaked out when her dad told her she doesn’t actually have a boyfriend.

The poor 2-year-old insists that she does have a boyfriend, named ‘Jared’.

Kennedy Kirkland was filmed by her mum Chelsea as the argument ensued between her and her dad Caleb.

She absolutely lost it after her dad said she wasn’t allowed to date until she was 50.

This video is guaranteed to make you smile!



In an interview with ABC News, Chelsea said that Jared is Kennedy’s uncle’s roommate,

“He plays football in college, so we went to the game with my brother and she saw him there, so she informed us that he was her boyfriend.”

The hilarious video has spread round the internet like wildfire.

Chelsea went on to say: “We’ll definitely keep this for when she gets older, goes on her first date, or gets married.”


via ABC News

via ABC News