This ‘Beauty And The Beast’ Theory About The Curse Makes So Much Sense


A fan theory about Beauty and the Beast from Reddit user Hainted is gaining some traction. They think that the entire village is cursed in a time loop.

It makes some surprising sense.

Stick with us on this one!

At the beginning of the film, it states that the curse the Enchantress puts on the prince and his servants has been going on for “years.”

The Enchantress stays living in the village disguised as a spinster. It is suggested that the only reason she does this is to maintain a curse on the village.

Something else we notice is that the villagers tend to do the same thing every day – something Belle is also aware of. “There goes the baker with his tray, like always.”

Could this also explain why Monsieur Jean feels like he’s forgetting something?

Image credit: Disney

During the movie as well, lightning strikes the tree and Maurice is forced to change his route. However, when Maurice goes back to the village accompanied by Gaston, the tree has magically been repaired, as he struggles to figure out which path to turn. As he and Belle aren’t stuck in a time loop it could explain why he’s so confused.

Is the entire village trapped in a time loop – apart from Belle and her father?

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