Brexit delayed until 2019!

Brexit might be delayed until the end of 2019! With Britain not being ready to leave the EU.

Apparently, the UK could remain in the EU for 3 more years! As Theresa May and her new government need more time to prepare for the exit negotiations.


Rumours have begun circulating and sources recently informed The Sunday Times, that they’ve been privately warned by ministers that Article 50 may not be invoked in January, as first thought.


The delay’s in leaving have been blamed on the government’s Brexit and international trade talks departments being understaffed.

An issue which needs to be addressed!

Many leave voters believed Article 50 would be acted upon immediately after leaving the EU, following the referendum back in June. However, the prime minster- Theresa May said she would not trigger Article 50 this year.

In July, Liam Fox Britain’s international trade minister commented that early next year could be the best time for Britain to trigger the talks.

Although, elections in both France and Germany next year may even push the two-year process back towards the end of 2017!

This comes as bad news for the already some what divided Conservative Party. They were split in the lead-up to the vote, which resulted in David Cameron’s resignation as PM.

Ms May the new PM, supported Britain remaining in the EU. However, Ms May has started to heal rifts caused in the party by the referendum. There are still many MPs who are unhappy and are calling for a quick exit from the trade bloc.