Chantelle Connelly faces embarrassing Photoshop FAIL after attempting to shrink her waist!

The reality star looks like she has shaved a few inches off her waist with the help of Photoshop…

On her recent Caribbean holiday, she uploaded a snap in the sea and it obviously looks like she has cut inches from her waist!

The first image was uploaded onto her Snapchat last week and is of Chantelle in the sea holding up her hair.

The reality star is seemingly posing like a member of Baywatch in her red swimming costume and in the second photograph, her waist appears to be noticeably smaller.

None of the stars fans seem to care, though, with several commenting: “Wow you look stunning.” Another even suggested: “Next Baywatch movie?”

However, alleged Photoshopping is the least of her worries after she recently appeared in court following an alleged attack of a girl in a nightclub.

Chantelle pleaded not guilty to GBH and has since been granted bail, she is set to face a three-hour trial on the 4th of May.

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