Chloe Ferry reveals she’s dating a new man and will never get back with Marty McKenna following Ex On The Beach rumours

“I’ve been meeting someone, we’re not official or anything, we’re just meeting up. He’s very private.”

Although she says she wouldn’t be against another public relationship, she would rather just have “a normal boyfriend with a normal job.”

Chloe has also committed to Geordie Shore for the long haul and can’t see herself leaving any time soon.

“I absolutely love the show, it’s not just a job, I enjoy doing it, so I want to stay there as long as I can.”

“The next series is going to be intense, crazy again.”

The Geordie Shore firecracker has also been busy outside of reality TV, venturing into the world of make-up.

“I’m a massive make-up fan and I thought with my job, why don’t I do it?

“There’s lots of different colours…My favourite is Envy and Passion, I really like the colour, it’s so nice, really neutral.”


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