Chloe Ferry’s MASSIVE Instagram fail after sharing her immaculate bedroom and then accidentally revealing what it really looks like!

Chloe recently spoke to The Sun where she revealed that she would wait until her mum left for work and then she would often skip school.

She says that she was embarrassed about being unable to read and write. However, today Chloe has become a successful business woman following her appearances on Geordie Shore. She now sells her own range of beauty products.

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Chloe went on to explain:

“I didn’t really enjoy school. I had a bit of a bad time there because I found it very hard to read and write. So I would skive school a lot.

“I went to high school, I had to do an extra year to do my GCSEs. But I didn’t like it there.

“I felt a bit embarrassed that I was [behind] at school. I found it harder to learn than other school kids. I felt awful.”

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