Could You Match With A Celebrity On Tinder?

Could you match with a celebrity on Tinder? Keep a lookout, because apparently Leonardo DiCaprio has signed up to the popular dating site.

DiCaprio is reported to have told a “source” at Coachella music festival that he is “obsessed with swiping on girls and seeing who’s out there. He said there’s actually a lot of other celebs who use Tinder just for fun!”

Former Disney star Hilary Duff has also admitted to using the dating app Tinder.

Her latest music video apparently features some footage from Tinder dates that she’s been on. It shows her with friends swiping through guys on the app and updating her profile picture. It also gives a glimpse of her Tinder dates, going bowling and go-karting.

She said on in the video to friends that she “wants to know what it is to connect with someone, what it is that gives you those sparks”. Sparks being the title of her latest single.

She went on to say, “I never thought I would do anything like this, but when I surrendered to the experience, I had a great time”

“Go do something crazy, go do something you wouldn’t do before”.

Ed Sheeran had also previously been offered the first verified Tinder profile, with Jimmy Kimmel setting Britney spears up with one too. So keep your eyes peeled, you just might find you match with a celebrity.

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