Could creepy hospital footage of ghostly figure above woman’s body prove the afterlife?

Creepy CCTV footage shows a woman lying on a hospital bed with a white sheet draped over her. Then something suddenly appears.

Filmed at a hospital in China, the video shows something that could prove the existence of the afterlife. Is this proof that we all have souls?



As the CCTV rolls, an unexplainable ghostly figure can be seen ‘sitting up’, before moving backwards and then completely disappearing altogether.

Writing on, Loise Wepukhulu said: “Some people refuse to believe in God or the spiritual nature of humans.

“They live as if there was no soul, but just the body. Once it gets used and worn out, it dies, and that’s the end of life.

CCTV-captures-a-shadowy-figure-rise-in-hospital (2)

“However, this video would offer a real shock for the materialists.”

CCTV-captures-a-shadowy-figure-rise-in-hospital (1)

Although the video was taken back in 2014, it has since gained a huge interest, after it was uploaded to YouTube under the title “real video of soul leaving.”

This video comes after a man believed he’d caught the spirit of a man leaving his body after a fatal car crash.

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