Discover the SIX DEADLY SINS which are banned from the I’m A Celeb camp!

It has been revealed that there are six deadly sins which campmates must NOT do whilst in the outback or they’ll be removed from the show!

As we all know, each year I’m A Celeb sees plenty of drama and controversy. However, did you know there are actually some things which producers BAN in the ITV hit!

These are the FORBIDDEN six!

#1 Bullying 

Over the years there have always been numerous rows over bullying on the show, amongst fellow campmates. However, it’s definitely banned on the list.

In 2015, Lady C threatened to take fellow campmates Tony Hadley and Ducan Bannentyne to court after she accused them of bullying her in the jungle.

It became so serious that she actually left the show because of it. She has since commented: “I have never been a quitter but there is only so much a person can take.”

However, other campmates squashed her claims.

Ex-Miss GB Amy Willerton also addressed bullying claims after there was friction between her and Emmerdale’s Lucy Pargeter, who claimed that she was only doing I’m A Celeb to “further her career”.

#2 Non-consensual touching

Celebrities are not allowed to grope other camp members who don’t wish to do so.

#3 Masturbation

Whilst the jungle shower has become famous over the years, with the girls splashing about in their ‘see through’ bikini’s and a cheeky naked Gino D’Acampo took a dip, they are not allowed to pleasure themselves.

Although, the rules speculate that campmates are allowed to conduct some type of sexual behaviour with other campmates so long as it’s reciprocated.

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