Former TOWIE star Sam Faiers DIVIDES Twitter after breastfeeding baby Paul on live TV!!

Sam Faiers has divided fans opinions on Twitter after she breastfeed baby Paul live on This Morning, following her late arrival to the studios.

The former reality star revealed she didn’t have time to breastfeed him on her way to the studios.

Sam protected her modesty with a tea towel covering her up as she fed her 10 month old son.


Phillip made it clear that it was Sam’s choice and not a requirement of the show.

However, the incident left fans divided in opinion with many questioning whether she was doing it for a publicity stunt.

Yet, several viewers were quick to praise the new mum, taking to Twitter: “@SamanthaFaiers so much respect for Sam feeding live on #thismorning #breastisbest”

One wrote: ‘ @SamanthaFaiers can’t just rip a baby off a boob because it’s not convenient. It’s completely natural.’


Another commented: ‘Good for you @thismorning showing Breastfeeding on the television and good for Sam Faires what a beautiful little boy! #ThisMorning

During the programme, filmed ahead of her latest television show about motherhood which is airing on ITVBe on Wednesday night, Sam talked about her love, Paul Snr.


She also addressed the controversial kiss between Paul and his mum noting, “Paul finds it all harder than me.”

And it was an innocent moment which, was blown out of proportion!


Sam also commented on how much she has loved becoming a mother. She revealed she’s keen to have a big family.

The former TOWIE star exclaimed ” Paul and I want five children.”


Sam has also revealed she doesn’t miss starring on TOWIE in the slightest and is planning to move out of Essex, perhaps to Surrey.