GAP employee refunds customer 17-YEAR-OLD shirt, sends manager into hilarious meltdown

Many of us will be taking to the shops to return unwanted Christmas presents or items that don’t fit us.

One customer somehow managed to pull off an incredible return by getting a refund for a shirt that was bought over 15 years ago!

The store manager was as unimpressed as you’d expect when they found out about the error made. They hung the shirt up with a note saying: “Who on earth accepted this as a return?!?!?! This item is from the summer of 2000! That was almost 17 years ago!”

The image was uploaded on Reddit, and has received 65,000 upvotes after being shared by thevintagekid.

The shirt was a size XL and cost $24.50 (£20) at the time. Many Redditors commented on the post saying how unlikely the event would be.

Many were surprised that the store’s software would even allow a return to take place.

Xjimbojonesx said: “I’m amazed that their POS software would allow a return that old without managers approval.”

DangoDemolisher agreed: “Also amazing that the manager didn’t know who accepted the return, which would be nearly impossible at any GAP.”

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