Geordie Shore’s Marnie Simpson branded a ‘bully’ after racy CBB antics

Marnie has recently split up with on/off boyfriend Aaron Chalmers, but she’s already shown her interest in a couple of housemates since entering the Celebrity Big Brother house.

Since setting foot in the house, Marnie has been seen flirting with Lewis Bloor amid rumours of a previous fling.

The two enjoyed a cheeky kiss in the storeroom as things began to hot up in the house. Following a roast dinner, they decided to pull a wishbone, and one thing led to another, even though Katie Waissel was nearby.

When Lewis broke off the bigger part he said: “Don’t worry I’ve made a good one.”

It seems that his wish came true, after she followed him into the store room claiming that they were getting booze.

Celebrity Big Brother

Although the pair couldn’t be seen, they could be heard clearly before both emerging with wide grins.

Marnie carried on flirting later in the evening telling him: “You’d make a good husband, I’m not going to lie.”


But her flirtatious behaviour didn’t stop there!


Marnie went to the diary room after a night of drinking with her fellow housemates, and revealed a surprise interest in one of them. The Geordie Shore star admitted that her and Grant Bovey, 56, had been flirting.

“Grant is a dark horse, I think he fancies us,” she giggled. “I feel like me and Grant are flirting.”

She added: “He is sexy, he looks like Kevin Spacey”.


This came after the two struck up a saucy chat in the dining room. She asked Anthea Turner’s ex what age he lost his virginity, then asked if he enjoyed spooning.

She asked what position he liked cuddling in bed, asking whether he preferred to be the ‘little’ or ‘big’ spoon, as he warned: “I’ve got to be careful what I say.”

They also spoke about his split from GMTV presenter Anthea, who he divorced from after being caught having an affair.

Marnie asked: “Did you get bored?” He responded: “No I got in a lot of personal trouble with my business and as a consequence…It’s not an excuse.”

Marnie then teased him saying: “so you like the youngers.” He replied: “I didn’t go looking for it, it just happened.”


She then asked if they could go on a date together when they get out the house.

Marnie is certainly playing games already, as she was labelled the ‘trashiest’ housemate along with Storage Hunters’ Heavy D.

The decision was made by Christopher Biggins who believed he was acting as the ‘secret boss’. He explained what his reasoning was: “I’ve seen her wardrobe space and lack of interest in anything she’s going to wear.”


Big Brother viewers don’t seem too pleased with Marnie’s antics in the house, after flashing at Saira Khan during a game of truth or dare.


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