Girl Pregnant By Someone Else’s Boyfriend Gets Trolled By Wrong Number

What would your reaction be if you got a text from your boyfriend’s bit on the side, telling you that he’s got her pregnant, dragging you into the messy situation?

You’d be pretty horrified right?

That’s exactly what happened to one girl after receiving a message on Whatsapp. She wasn’t as horrified as you might think though, and that’s because instead of contacting the girlfriend, it seems she got the wrong number. It has quickly gone viral after being posted on image sharing site Imgur.

The message started: ‘I just thought id should tell you. Youre boyfriend made me pregnant.’

It turns out she also isn’t a big fan of the show ‘Supernatural’, or at least she won’t be anymore…

Hilarity ensues, and it’ll have you laughing to yourself.

Take a look at the funny exchange!

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We’d be disappointed if it was the first Sam too! He looks so innocent!


She then proceeds to give the girl a lesson in grammar…

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