HBO confirms super-sized season finale!

Yep. The rumours are true, and it’s looking like this could be the best season finale yet!

We’ve been waiting for it since Jon Snow’s resurrection, and with the title of “Battle of the Bastards” there’s little doubt that Episode nine will supply us with what we want. An epic battle, of Snow Vs. Bolton, and it looks like being a good one with the HBO showrunners previously promising that season 6 includes the biggest battle in the show’s history! GoT has traditionally saved some of its best episodes for the ninth installment in each series, such as the climatic battle of Blackwater in season two, the Red Wedding in season three, and Daenerys escaping the Sons of the Harpy via her dragon last season.

Episode 8 is sure to provide plenty of build up, but with the title ‘No One’ it will undoubtedly feature more Braavos than we care to see. However we can put up with in return for some juicy action next week.

The title of the of the finale is ‘The Winds of Winter” – a subtle nod to George R.R. Martin’s penultimate book in his ASoIaF series, but with the information leaked this episode will have in store a lot more than what you might expect…

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