Josie Cunningham enrages This Morning viewers as she flirts with Eamonn Holmes in front of wife Ruth Langsford

Ruth was quick to defend herself when tweets were read out, saying: “I could take any flirting with my husband.”

Image: ITV


Further into the interview, Josie responded to accusations that she was a bad parent to her four children because of the life she has chosen to lead.

She said: “I think my children will grow up with a lifetime of love and experiences.

“I think the example they will take away from it, they will see me as a single parent and they will see that you have to work hard…”

Ruth replied: “But people won’t see it as hard work Josie, this is the problem.”

Image: ITV

Josie hit back: “Is it not better that I had my breast and I made some kind of career or income rather than sit on benefits, like?”

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