Katie Price has been left covered in BLOOD after an EXTREME facial treatment!

Katie Price has once again shocked fans following an extreme facial treatment which left her covered in blood.

Over the weekend the star took to Instagram to show her 1.3 million followers the painful procedure for the facial.

The former model captioned the video: “Had this earlier Absolutely loved having my luxury dermal roller micro-needling treatment today! Helping to firm, plump and even out my skin tone and texture. Thanks @reembrows at REEMAS – beauty by the beach.”

Katie then laid back down with a towel wrapped around her head.

She then went on to explain the painful procedure to her fans: “I am having a treatment as you can see. My head is bleeding.”

Addressing her beautician, she asked: “What is this called, Maria?” with Maria replying: “It’s micro needling.”

However, Katie left several fans horrified after posting the video. Many took to the comments to show their concern.

One fan commented: “Looks horrendous.”

“That kills me you must have the tolerance of a horse #fairplay,” wrote a second.

“So it makes your head bleed? Ouch!” exclaimed another.

After it was over the mum of five posted a selfie captioning it: “That’s done feels like I have sunburn I’ll see what it’s like tomorrow but so far so good.”