Look at these abandoned Olympic venues

Have you ever wondered what happens to old Olympic venues?

Well no more need to wonder. We’ve got the answers for you and let’s just say they are pretty shocking!

These incredible photos show the decaying former Olympic sites across the world. As the Rio Olympics kicked off last week, these eerie photographs have surfaced.

The majority of past Olympic venues are now abandoned, unloved and misused.

Such examples include, Bosnia and Herzegovina, bobsled from the 1984 Games which was vandalised and is now used by mountain bikers. Another similarly, derelict site is in Athens, Greece where a swimming pool from the 2004 Olympic Village is filled with brown water- delightful! In Germany, the site of the 1936 Games athletes village has now been boarded up with timber.

Once upon a time, these venues were full to the brim of thousands of fans, sat hoping for victory for their country but now the sites are just neglected and forgotten about.

Many people believe the Games are always a waste of money for a short spectacle.

Others claim, perhaps the Olympics should move to Greece permanently to save on costs.

Who knows, it adds an element of excitement to the atmosphere surrounding the games when the venue is in another country. People love to compare the differences of each games from venue to opening and closing ceremonies. Maybe their needs to be a plan following the games to use venues in a productive way.

This swimming pool from the 1936 Olympic village in Elsral, west of Berlin, has been completely drained and has filled with sand and dirt from the peeling ceiling

In Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy, the disused ski-jumping course from the 1956 Winter Olympics threatens to collapse from decomposition


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