One lady’s theory proves that most men don’t care what you say on Tinder if you’re cute!

Rebecca Reid has been out of the dating game for a good while now, after meeting her husband back in 2013 when she was 22 Tinder was barely a thing!

She has admitted she barely tried online dating but has seen many friends fall victim to what she calls the “Tinderella”.

However, Rebecca has come up with a theory that it doesn’t really matter what your Tinder profile says, as long as you have nice photos!

She decided to test out this theory.

She devised an experiment and joined Tinder, she began swiping right on everyone and began messaging them.

The one twist was that instead of saying a simple ‘Hello’ she would be speaking in haikus (Japenese poetry).

Standard Tinder chat up line…

Wow, this is next level stuff… 

The one who can’t quite let go…

This guy lapped it up responding with a poem to her!

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