Pregnant Stephanie Davis admits “She could never go back” after death threats and rumour hell!

Expectant mum Stephanie Davis has recently revealed the kind of hate she has received from people online.

Several people accused her of faking her own pregnancy and others threatened to kill her after they believed her pregnancy was a hoax.

However, Stephanie is now fitting fit following her horrific hospital ordeal. When discussing the terrible experience Steph commented:“I didn’t know if I was going to lose the baby or if he was OK.”

Writing for her OK! Magazine blog Stephanie noted: “At the beginning of the pregnancy it was hard with all the fake pregnancy rumours…

“I was being portrayed in such a bad light. I got so much hate and even death threats. I could never go back to that time in my life.”

The former Hollyoaks actress has revealed her plans to raise her baby alone after father Jeremy wants nothing to do with the child.

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