Richard Hammond injured in Mozambique motorbike crash 11 years after cheating death in 288mph collision

The crash is expected to still feature in the second series of the Amazon Prime show, which will be released later this year.

Hammond has since spoken out about the crash, telling fans that what happened was ‘a slight shunt’.

Credit: BBC


Posting on DRIVETRIBE, he said: “Thanks for enquiries re my slight shunt whilst filming for GT. I can confirm that yes, I fell off a bike, many times, in fact and yes, I banged my head and everything else. But life goes on.”

The incident would have no doubt sparked mass concern among the GT crew after his life-threatening car accident whilst filming Top Gear back in 2006.

Hammond was left with brain damage after crashing a jet-car which reached speeds just shy of 300mph. He was left in a coma for two weeks before returning to the show a year later.

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