This Ridiculous Jeremy Clarkson Video Is Getting Better Reviews Than The New Top Gear

The Top Gear reboot hasn’t quite gone as bosses would have liked so far, with a social media backlash, and rumours of fall-outs behind the scenes.

Since the show has gone live for its new series, viewership figures have been well below par, combined with unanimous bad reviews.

Former show favourites Clarkson, Hammond and May will have been kicking back with smug faces at the shows failings so far. They’ve also taken the time to upload a short YouTube video, which is already receiving better reviews than Top Gear has.

Captain Slow, James May has uploaded a short clip to his channel ‘JM’s unemployment tube’ of Jeremy Clarkson trying to assemble a DHL flat-pack box.

You heard it right! No cars, no controversial comments, no epic races across mainland Europe. Just Clarkson putting a box together.

Here are some of the comments it has received so far…


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