Someone vandalized a Soviet star in Russia and turned it into Patrick

Someone in Voronezh, Russia turned the star on top of a tower building into Patrick from SpongeBob Square Pants.

The police however didn’t find it so funny and have estimated that restoration works could cost the city up to $1,500. The person who did it could face 15 days in detention if they can be caught.

The building isn’t considered a memorial but it does have Soviet symbols.

A poll of the photo in one of Voronezh’s online communities showed that 60% of people found the stunt funny, whereas the rest thought it was an act of vandalism that shouldn’t go unpunished.

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Members of the city’s roofing community, climbers who climb urban buildings without permission – have distanced themselves from the act.


The painting of a Soviet star on a Russian building isn’t an unfamiliar case. Back in 2014, a Ukrainian flag appeared on top of the Kotelnicheskaya Embankment building in Moscow. The upper part of the gold stat was painted blue, so that it would also resemble the Ukrainian national flag.