Stephanie Davis still in labour after 48 hours as Jeremy McConnell ‘mocks’ her on Snapchat!

Stephanie Davis is still in labour 48 hours after she first got admitted to hospital.

Godfather to her unborn son has raised fans hopes with his elusive tweet: “I’ve never been more excited in my life,” following this fans quickly jumped to conclusions.

Best friend Jay Roberts hinted that the actress may have given birth on Tuesday.

One fan responded: “I’m so excited, I’m praying Steph is having her beautiful son soon.”

Another tweeted: “Keep us posted!” One even replied: “OMG I’m so bloody excited.”

Steph has been quiet on social media for more than 2 weeks now and fans are beginning to become concerned about the actress.

In the last photo she shared with fans, she wrote: “One tired Mummy with one tired boy

“Actually can’t wait to get into bed tonight and snuggle this little one and make the most of our last memories of him being inside before he arrives to his mummy.”

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