Stephanie Davis and Jeremy McConnell are ‘set to get their own series documenting life with newborn son’

Jeremey McConnell has no immediate plans to return to Dublin after spending a lovely week with newborn son Caben.

The model is celebrating his 27th birthday today and pals have commented he has no plans to return to Ireland.

Today the pair were spotted out and about together, it is thought they may have even moved in together, cute huh!

Jeremy seems to have taken to being a father like a duck to water. Strapping his sons car seat to be strapped in the back of the car.

However, there was no sign of little Caben, when the loved-up pair grabbed some lunch.

This sudden change in their relationship seems to have come as a shock to everyone, with several fans telling Stephanie not to get involved with Jeremy.

Jeremy has previously said to The Sun: “I won’t be getting back with Steph – even with the baby there it will still be toxic.”

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