Stephanie Davis shares another ADORABLE snap of son Caben-Albi after reuniting with ex-Jeremy McConnell

News emerged yesterday that Stephanie Davis and Jeremy McConnell had reunited once more.

After the pair were spotted in the local park with their newborn son, appearing rather loved up and cosy.

It is the first time the couple have been seen together in public since Jeremy revealed he was Caben’s dad.

The former CBB winners were apart for 10 months after Jeremy initially doubted he was Caben’s biological father, the model even appeared on This Morning to do a DNA test live on TV.

The pair battled for months over the paternity test but now it has been resolved they seem to be back together once more. It is still unclear if the couple have reunited or are simply friends for their son.

Stephanie shared another cute snap of her little boy and shared it with her fans online.

Jeremy is clearly excited to be a first-time dad to telling fans:

Is it us or can you see a cute resemblance to his dad already?

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