If you succeed at this cryptic video puzzle, you could have a high paid job at Dyson!

If you can solve the video below you could get a high-flying job at Dyson!

And that could result in one of their new hairdryers which are frankly awesome…

We’d say the puzzle was easy but that would be one massive lie!

Apparently, within the video, there is one clue, which then leads on to several others. Anyone who manages to solve this curious cryptic video has the opportunity to visit Dyson’s top secret technology campus in the UK and meet Mr. Dyson himself, well at least his CEO- Max Conze.

The idea of the video is to recruit ‘the brightest minds’, by testing people on ‘ingenuity, wrong thinking and perseverance.’

Are these clues, too? Frankly, we have no idea.

CEO of Dyson Max Conze has commented, ‘Through wrong thinking and a passion for problem-solving Dyson develops technology that works better.

It is vital that we continue to find bright, questioning minds to help us continue to grow and expand. These challenges are set to do exactly that.’

And for those of you who thought Dyson just made vacuums, it doesn’t – it will launch 100 new products in the next four years, and manufactures 40,000 machines every single day.