Team GB’s great Olympic ‘shoe-down’

The Olympics are now over for another 4 years. It’s time for Tokyo to get prepared for the 2020 Olympics AKA the greatest show on earth.

The Closing Ceremony was fantastic and one team in particular caught the eye of everyone watching.

Team GB, with their Olympic ‘shoe-down’.

Finishing second in the medal table, with 27 golds to China’s 26. GB are now the only team to have ever achieved a higher amount of medals than previously won in their own Olympic games. Before heading out to Rio a target of 48 medals was set, which would match their achievement in Beijing in 2008. However, they surpassed this goal and collected 66 medals in total, without any kind of home advantage.

Great Britain have never finished above China before. With China having a huge nation with a total population of over a billion people compared to 64.1 million people in the UK.

The Rio Olympics has been Team GB’s best Olympic Games since 1908!

The Closing Ceremony was held in the iconic Maracana stadium hosting fireworks, dancers, musicians and of course Olympians met to pass the Olympic torch over to Tokyo who will host the Games in four years time.

Closing Ceremony 2016 Olympic Games - Olympics: Day 16

The Japanese flag slowly formed into shape before a high-tech, futuristic performance, dotted with neon lights and augmented graphics, flickered across the stage much to the delight of the crowd. It was a confident and encouraging sight that promised plenty from Japan’s capital.

It was ultimately a lavish and vibrant closing conclusion to a sporting event that has captivated the globe for the past 16 days. For all its faults, Rio has nonetheless delivered.

Usain Bolt was also spotted having a lot of fun at the closing ceremony- well it was his 30th birthday after all.

It’s fair to say that over the past two weeks Team GB have lit up the Olympics. Yet, no achievements compare to the competitors disco feet.

Their flashing shoes was just the cherry on top of the cake. Stealing the show in Rio.

The only possible threat to steal the show came from The Prime Minister of Japan. He popped out of a green pipe dressed as Super Mario.


Who doesn’t love flashing shoes, throwback to our childhood’s much!

And now we all kind of want a pair.


To finish GB’s uniform off nicely each athlete was given a pair of Rio Lights, a pair of red or blue shoes, with built-in lights in the sole – complete with a USB charger.

A spokesperson for Simon Jersey commented: ‘Rio is known for its love of parties and carnivals and wearable tech is becoming more popular, so we thought the most fun and patriotic way to use this in the outfits is through lights’.

‘We just hope they remember to charge them before the ceremony.’

The best news is, you can win a pair of the awesome trainers! 

Simon Jersey are giving away 10 pairs.

To win, you just need to click on the link here and tell them what your favourite moment of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games was.