This Harry Potter Fan Theory About Dumbledore Will Blow Your Mind!

There is a Harry Potter theory about Dumbledore’s role in Deathly Hallows that is blowing everyone’s mind! The fan theory actually makes a lot of sense too.

A theory that has been around since the final book was published, which revolves around the Tale of Three Brothers, a fairy tale which is told to Harry during the seventh and final book.

It will also make you more wary about Albus Dumbledore that fans grew to love.

Here’s a reminder of the story…

Three wizard brothers come to a river that is too treacherous to cross. With their wands they make a bridge, but are met by Death, who is upset that they’ve cheated him.

Death however pretends to act like he is impressed and offers them a prize each for outsmarting him.

Potter fans have assumed that the three brothers represent Lord Voldemort, Severus Snape and Harry Potter.

Voldemort is associated with the oldest brother who asks for a powerful wand. He sought power and the ability to conquer death and was given the Elder Wand – until his own hubris led to his demise.


Snape has similarities with the middle brother, who spends much of his life clinging to the memory of a lost love until he eventually dies for the memory. He asked Death for the power to bring people back to life so was given the resurrection stone.


Harry’s journey resembles the youngest son. He asked for something that would allow him to move forward without being followed by Death, so was give the invisibility cloak. Death sought the son for many years but could never find him until the son walked willingly to him, greeted by Death “as an old friend” and then he went with him without a problem.

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