This Toy Story theory reveals the true identity of Andy’s mum and it will blow your mind!

It’s a theory that has been knocking around for a while and has resurfaced once again. A fan thinks they’ve figured out who Andy’s mum really is in the Pixar film Toy Story.

Film critic and super fan Jon Negroni believes that he’s worked out who Andy’s mum is and he offers a pretty convincing argument.

Negroni points out that Andy’s hat isn’t the same as Woody’s but does wear a hat similar to the one Jessie wears. Both Jessie’s and Andy’s hats have a white twine around the edge. Woody’s however does not.

Jessie’s hat has a white band around the middle, which seems to be missing on Andy’s. Instead there is a faded mark where it used to be.


Jessie is introduced in the second film, where she firmly becomes part of the group of toys. She then reveals how she was given away by her original owner Emily as she grew up.


She has flashbacks describing how much of a wonderful time she had with Emily, and you can see her wearing a red cowgirl hat, which looks the same as Andy’s.

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