Undateables fans fall in love with Ian who is trying to find a soulmate before he goes blind.

Undateables fans have fallen in love with one star who is trying to find love before he becomes completely blind.

Ian has steadily been losing his sight since birth, due to a degenerative eye condition. He currently only has eight per cent of his vision left, but isn’t letting that stop him from finding his soul mate. After the show aired, it seemed that he certainly wasn’t short of admirers.

He explained that it was like tunnel vision, saying: “It’s a hard concept to wrap your head around – that you’re going blind.”

Ian revealed: “I want to appreciate their beauty before I can’t see them anymore – this is why I’m ready to start living life again.”

Despite his loss of sight, Ian continues to work as a photographer. On the show he admitted that he had lost of a lot of confidence because of the condition, breaking down on camera, saying: “It takes me long to tell people because I’m petrified what their response will be.”

Ian was sent on a date with Charlotte, which sadly didn’t work out, but it has done wonders for his confidence.

Viewers fell in love with him after his film aired too.

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