Winnie-the-Pooh is celebrating his 90th birthday with a new friend!

Today marks Winnie-the-Pooh’s 90th birthday.

The extremely lovable bear was first published back in 1926 and was based on the author AA Milne’s son Christopher Robin and his stuffed toys.

Following it’s publication in 1926 it was an immediate success worldwide; selling 35,000 copies in the UK and 150,000 in the US.

In celebration of Pooh’s 90th anniversary four new adventures have now been published!

Pooh also has a groovy new pal….

Introducing new character Penguin. Who will be introduced in “Winter: In which Penguin arrives in the Forest”.

The new tale has been written by Brian Sibley and has been inspired by a photograph of AA Milne and son Christopher playing with a stuffed penguin toy.




Author Sibley commented: “The thought of Pooh encountering a penguin seemed no more outlandish than him meeting a kangaroo and a tiger in a Sussex wood, so I started thinking about what might have happened if, on a rather snowy day, Penguin had found his way to Pooh Corner.”

Harrods archivist Sebastian Wormell believes the penguin pictured in the photograph could also have come from the Knightsbridge store.

Wormell noted: “In the early years of the 20th Century, toy penguins soared in popularity as the exploits of Antarctic explorers such as Shackleton and Scott fascinated the public.

“At that time it was all about the race to the South Pole and it’s interesting to see how the range of toys and their popularity reflected the big news stories of the day.”

“Toy penguins can be found in Harrods catalogues as far back as 1912, with a toy called Lieutenant Shackleton’s Penguin.

“But after looking at the photograph and based on our thoughts on the date it was taken we believe that the toy pictured could be Squeak, which came from our 1922 catalogue.

“It’s exciting to think that a new Harrods toy could be joining Winnie-the-Pooh’s gang after all this time.”

Listen to the moment Winnie meets his new penguin friend!

We can’t wait to see the new dimension that this adorable penguin brings to the story!

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