Woman’s Tinder date goes wrong as she has to escape from a boat

Tinder dates are always a little risky, you never really know what you’re getting yourself involved in.

Kayla Hutch, 24, from Chicago agreed to a date on the popular dating app, but it resulted in her getting trapped at sea.

Kayla and her date matched for the second time after he deleted and re-downloaded the app, where they struck up a proper conversation.

Kayla's Tinder messages

Kayla’s Tinder messages

The guy told Kayla that his cousin had rented a boat for a party, and she agreed to be his date. Speaking to Buzzfeed, she said:

“I wasn’t that interested in him the entire time which is why it had taken so long (…) But he was so persistent and really nice over text so when he brought up the idea of going on a Labor Day boat ride, it sounded nice and I thought I’d give him a chance.”

Kayla's Tinder messages



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