X Factor’s Lloyd Daniels opens up about ‘biggest insecurity’ as he undergoes hair transplant

Former X Factor contestant Lloyd Daniels will be remembered by most for his straightened blonde hair, but he has revealed on Instagram that he’s undergone a hair transplant after battling with hair loss.

The 23-year-old has been openly documenting his process on social media.

Sharing an image of himself to his followers, he said:

“Day 7! All my swelling has gone down. It’s been a week of no pain and next to nothing in terms of discomfort,”

“I’ve seen so many of you already relating to this journey I’m on with the creation of a new me. Here’s the outline of my new hairline which I’m quite overwhelmed with thanks to the incredible team at @juvidaclinics!

“There’s going to be a lot of growing and a lot of patience involved but I’m going to make some videos to keep you up to date and create a vlog of the procedure and what happens during the week after.”

He admitted that having the procedure done was “a dream”.

“Thanks for the support!!! Thankyou @juvidaclinics – I couldn’t of dreamed of a better result at this stage (yes I know the hair I’m holding onto looks a bit silly but it’ll fall into place soon enough). (sic)”

Daniels had opened up about how he felt when it came to his hair loss, saying it was his “biggest insecurity”.

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