11 acts of chivalry every man should perform according to women

Is chivalry dead? It shouldn’t be.

There are certainly still gentlemen out there, there are guys who still pull out a chair, hold the door open and leave romantic notes all over the house. It’s what a guy does that matters, not what he says.

There are two people in the relationship of course, and it works both ways, but to keep a healthy relationship you should make sure you’re making the effort.

Here are some chivalrous habits that your woman will fully appreciate. It’s time to step up to the mark guys, not just every now and then, but daily.


Communicate with her

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Communication is key. Sending a good morning and a goodnight text goes a long way. No one likes to play games either, so replying to your SO within good time is pretty important too.

If she’s walking home or out then why not send her a text to make sure she got home safely. This way she’ll know you care.


Open the door for her

It’s a classic, but it’s so simple. Open the door for her and she’ll certainly notice. Sometimes it’s nice to offer to carry her bags, or giving her your coat when she’s cold. The little things go a long way.


Make her breakfast


Surprise her every now and then by making her breakfast. How does she like her eggs in the morning? Bring her a tea or coffee for when she wakes up every now and then too. A simple gesture can mean a lot.


Compliment her

The longer a relationship goes on, the more we tend to take it for granted. Compliment her on a new outfit, or congratulate her on any good news she has. Letting you know that you like her friends and making an effort with them is also something that she will fully appreciate.


Stock her fridge and cupboard with little treats

Buying her some of her favourite foods and leaving them in the cupboard without telling her will be a nice surprise. She’ll know you’re thinking of her. Plus the chances are she was meaning to go out and buy them anyways!


Write her a note

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Write her a card just because or leave her a note on her pillow or on the table for her to read before she goes to work. Wish her a good day or write a cute message to make her smile.

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