12 common mistakes people make when choosing a spouse

They say that opposites attract, but apparently this doesn’t last long term.

Reddit users have been sharing the mistakes they made when it came to choosing their spouses. Ultimately they went on to break their heart. Maybe we can take a few lessons from them!


“Thinking they can change that person into someone else or in some other significant way.” – TheMonksAndThePunks


“Listening to your significant other when they said “I’m not really like this, I’m just really stressed right now due to grad school, moving, etc.”. Turns out they really were that anxious, neurotic, stressed, depressed, and negative even in the best of circumstances.” – NotLostJustWanderin


“Staying with someone they’re not happy with because they’re too afraid to be alone.” –choadspanker


“Some people marry the “best” partner they can get – on paper, the best looking, smartest, most talented, etc – rather than the most compatible. Rookie mistake, but a common one.” – MaribelindaLinda

Unhappy Couple In Living Room

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