Is this the BEST place to work in the world?

If you’re thinking New Year, new me, new job then look no further. Frankly, this looks like the best place you could work.

It is known as ‘The Castle’, mainly because it is a freaking castle, some of it’s amazing highlights include an ice cave, a Star Wars themed cinema room and an arcade room.

The perks for the 50 employees who work there are unbelieveable…

Some perks include- an annual all inclusive holiday, the chance to earn a 45% bonus and free beer.

Jealous yet? (I am). 

The founder of price comparison site, Chris Morling wanted to make his offire the ‘best place to work’, where employees would brag to their friends how cool their job was.

Let’s take a look around the awesome offices!

First up, there is an ‘ice cave’ for people who prefer a quiet working atmosphere.

There is an arcade room equipped with pool tables.

An on-site gym complete with some funky hamster decor.

Random nature foliage on as wallpaper.

‘Steampunk’ toilets.

Alternatively, there are Rolling Stones toilets.

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