Brits are panicking because Magic Stars ‘can’t’ be sold outside the EU.

Most British people are trying to digest the news that the UK has made the decision to leave the EU.

Many are worrying about what this means in terms of currency, travel and jobs. Others are more worried about something different thanks to a viral photo.

Back in May, an image of a bag of Milky Way Magic Stars was shared thousands of times because of what was printed on the back.

“Product should not be sold outside of the EU.”

It all started when Ben,  (@Swarley_94), tweeted the following:

This caused panic at the time of sharing, but this has since resurfaced now the decision has been made to leave the European Union.

People have taken to Twitter to express that they’re stocking up on the popular chocolate…

But fear not!!

Click next to find out why this ISN’T the case!!

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