Can you understand this optical illusion which has BAFFLED the internet?

Everyone loves an optical illusion and the internet has found another great one to baffle us all!

From weird moving dots to animals camouflaged between bushes, the internet loves strange images which continually trick our curious minds.

The picture below is the current illusion trend.

It features a woman kneeling on a bed, who appears to have three legs. (Not possible, we know).

The image came from site Imgur and one user there admitted that after glaring at the photo for several minutes they “Still don’t know what is happening”.

Another claimed that the girl is actually sitting on a brown pillow, “Nothing too weird”.

For some, it was easy to spot and decipher whilst others took considerably longer.

iHearGreen:  “I finally get it. After two years I literally JUST got it.”

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