This clown motel is essentially the CREEPIEST thing I’ve ever seen…

‘The Clown Motel owners, Bob and Deborah Perchetti (fifth generation Tonopah natives), take great pride in this quaint motel. The Clown Motel has been in business over twenty years but has been updated and remodeled into one of Tonopahs best and most interesting motels.”

‘Please come share our happy clown faces and smile along with us. We hope to see you soon!”

The clowns included in the collection run from scary to friendly (if that is even possible).

Tonopah used to be a mining town and supposedly there were a lot of deadly incidents.

Reality TV show Ghost Hunters, even took a look around the place while host Zak faced his real fear of clowns whilst filming.

Unsurprisingly, people believe there is something spooky going on here. It’s almost like somewhere Scooby Doo would go and investigate quite frankly.

Many visitors have claimed after their visit that the motel is in fact haunted, claiming they’ve heard voices and noises.

One positive for the motel is its decent reviews on Yelp.

All that can be said is staying here would certainly be an experience…

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