David Cameron warns leaving the EU could threaten the future of our cider, cheese and sausages!

Leaving the EU could threaten the future of Britain’s award winning cider, cheese and even our much loved sausages according to British Prime Minister David Cameron.

The PM has warned that leaving the union would mean British farmers and producers of the British favourites could be ripped off by European copy cats flogging their rip-off products.

At the moment, as part of the EU, British products like Scotch – Scottish whisky, made in a specific geographical area can use the name associated with them.

Prime Minister David Cameron and Chancellor George Osborne with freshly filled bottles of cider at Hecks Cider Farm, Street, Somerset.

While writing in the Gloucester Citizen about the threat to British products, David Cameron also warned that manufacturers and farmers could be hit with higher tariffs on their goods:

 “Protected status enjoyed across Europe by our unique products, such as Gloucestershire cider, Single Gloucester cheese and traditionally-farmed Gloucester old spot pork, will be lost,”

“Between 2010 and 2014, the total income from farming across the South West increased by 49 per cent, to £666 million, as farmers – along with all British businesses – reaped the benefits of access to the single European market of 500 million people.”

“If we leave the EU and our farmers have to operate under World Trade Organisation rules, things would be very different.”


Naturally those in the Leave camp rubbished the Prime Minister’s quotes saying that if Britain were to leave the EU, it could “take back control” of product regulation and be able to negotiate new deals with Brussels to protect the specialty products.

Earlier this week the National Farmers’ Union came out in favour of staying in the EU come June 23.