Disney films aren’t just a fantasy: Meet the real-life”Sleeping Beauty” with a rare sleeping curse!

Heather Reed is the real-life Sleeping Beauty!

Heather Reed has Kleine-Levin Syndrome (KLS), also referred to as Sleeping Beauty syndrome.

An extremely rare condition which means a woman may sleep for up to 22 HOURS each day yet, still feels tired.

Let’s break it down, over the course of one year, there are 8,670 hours this means Heather is sleeping for around 8,030 in total.

Heather has recently spoken out about her debilitating condition she’s explained: “It certainly has an impact on my life, I feel like a ghost in my own life.”

However, KLS isn’t the only condition Heather suffers with, she also has ME, Heather has suffered from both issues for more than seven years.

The most surprising thing is the two conditions developed virtually overnight and they aren’t even related to one another.

Heather has also commented about life before her conditions: “Before I was sick, I was a conservation biologist working for Parks Canada.

I owned my own home and my own car and I was a graduate student. I lived a really active, very mentally and physically engaging life.”

She went on to note her frustration of the illness with which she now suffers: “When someone gets sick, doctors prescribe things like getting healthy, getting outside and being active. Those were all things that were core parts of my day and life.”

Heather went from her healthy outdoor lifestyle to becoming bed bound because: “the fatigue was so crushing and all encompassing. I was tired to the point where it physically hurt”

Heather managed to adjust her life so she could continue to work part-time whilst studying. However, in 2014 another disaster struck when she needed to have emergency kidney surgery. Following her recovery from the op, her tiredness increased to frightening amounts.

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