The first viral trend of 2017 is leaving kids with broken hand ligaments

There were lots of viral trends last year, from torso’s compared to A4 paper, women dressing their breasts as Rudolph and many many more, but it seems just days into the new year, we’ve found possibly the dumbest trend you’re likely to see!

This sick ‘how-to guide’ has been circulating around the internet, which is leaving kids with broken ligaments.

The online guide shows you how to break your thumb ligament, but people surely wouldn’t be stupid enough to try it out would they?

Of course they would…and they’ve been sharing the results while freaking out on Twitter.

The post has been titled: “If you are bored: How to break your thumb ligament.”

And it seems as though there are lots of people who are bored!

It is thought that the original post was shared by Twitter user @zorinquin and people have been direct messaging him complaints after they damaged their hands.

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