Frosty mornings are here, this is how to defrost your windscreen quickly!

We’ve all been there, caught short because our car windscreens have frosted over.

Trying with all our might to defrost our screens as fast as humanly possible, because let’s face it we are already running late.


If your cars heating system isn’t amazing at defrosting your screen and you don’t want to scrub with a useless scrapper constantly resulting in frozen fingers.

Then check out this video from Ken Weathers of Tennessee’s WAITE 6 News.

The clip shows how you can defrost your car windscreen in seconds by using products you most likely already have.

Simply, two third parts Isopropyl (or rubbing alcohol) and a third parts water mixed together in a spray bottle and tada no more ice!

Another tip is to pour lukewarm water across the affected areas, just make sure it isn’t boiling hot.

Watch the video to find out more!