This is how to get 18 straight days off work with this year’s Bank Holidays

2016 was a pretty awful year, but if you’re savvy then the 2017 Easter bank holiday is here to bring you some much needed joy!

Because of the way that Easter falls next year, you could potentially get 18 days off in a row and you’ll only need to book nine days off as holiday to get it! You’ll finish work on April 13 and not have to return back until May 2.

So how does it work?

Good Friday is on April 14, Easter Monday is on April 17 and May Bank Holiday is then on May 1.

Finishing work on Thursday, April 13, you could then potentially book holiday for the days up until Tuesday, May 2.

Out of office

These 18 days off are made up of three bank holidays, six weekend days and nine days of holiday in the working week. That’s a great chunk of time off for you to really have a well-deserved break!

It’s similar to the Christmas holidays this year which allows you to have 10 days off by taking three days holiday!


Thanks 2017 for the 18 days off in a row. You’ve already got our back and we know that things can’t get worse than they have been this year right?

Bring it on!