This guy’s reaction to a trip to IKEA with his wife is all of us!

IKEA, we all love it, although we’re not 100% sure why.

You go in with plans of buying one thing, and before you know it, you’ve bought a whole new front room and flat pack accessories which you’ll spend all weekend building only to realise you didn’t need it in the first place.

And you just have to have that random ornament with a star on top even though you have no clue what it is.


You also end up with about 50 mini pencils in your pocket along with gravy down your trousers from those delicious meatballs. Just me?

IKEA brings out the crazy shopper in all of us, just as this one couple have proved.

They documented their trip around the store, proving that even if you didn’t need anything, you’re going to come away with a trolley piled high.


You’re at IKEA. No reason, just because.

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The meatballs, mash and Daim cake are a massive pull though!


You’re always likely to leave with a jam or gravy stain though FYI. 

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Even though you already own everything in IKEA, you’ll probably buy replicas. 

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You’ll get distracted and forget what you came for. If anything at all. 

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“Oooh that’ll look good in our house. We could always use more storage.”

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