Internet reacts to Gareth Gates sweeping combover as he talks about battling stammer on This Morning

Former Pop Idol runner-up Gareth Gates appeared on This Morning alongside fellow stammer sufferer Jennifer Vaughan, 29 explaining how the McGuire Programme had helped both of them overcome their speech impediments.

But it was Gareth’s hair that had everyone talking.

Much famed for his short spiky hairstyle back in 2001, Gates was instead sporting a much longer sweeping combover.

It received a mixed review from fans watching the show.

One person asked: “Oh dear what’s happened to Gareth gates (sic) hair”

Another wrote: Looks like @Gareth_Gates is losing his #hair #combover #ThisMorning”

Others were more fixated on his looks, with one saying: “@Gareth_Gates just gets more gorgeous with age!”

Many others took the time to praise Gareth for overcoming his stammer to such a degree.

One person said: “Just goes to show, having a stammer shouldn’t stop you being a star.”

Another wrote: “Great interview on @thismorning with @Gareth_Gates and Jennifer! Well done to you both.”

Surprisingly, Gareth explained to Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield that he struggled much more with his stammer when he was away from the limelight.

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