‘I’ve tasted better fungal toenails!’ Walkers unveils new SANDWICH-flavoured crisps

Everyone loves a crisp sandwich, we’ve all done it before and it’s great.

But Walkers seem to have taken the idea of a crisp sandwich to the next level and it’s all kinds of weird.

They’ve introduced a range of different sandwich flavours and it’s dividing opinion.

Walkers six new varieties are: cheese, cucumber and salad cream, sausage and brown sauce, roast chicken and mayonnaise, cheese toastie and Worcester sauce, bacon and tomato ketchup and ham and mustard.

Some people are loving the flavour combinations, but others have branded the new range ‘disgusting’.

Livin LaVida Loker told Walkers on Twitter: “Hang your head in shame…These are not right nor normal…I’ve tasted better fungal toenails!”


Ellie Simmons agreed, tweeting: “The new walkers cucumber sandwich crisps taste like yoghurt. Absolutely gag worthy.”


Others quite enjoyed the unique crisp flavour.



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