London Bridge is down: This is what happens in the UK when the monarch dies

The Succession

  • The new King Charles will address the nation on the evening of her death
  • Tickets will be printed for the proclamation of King Charles in 24 hours
  • All members of the Privy Council will be invited to the Accession Council, where Charles will be proclaimed King
  • Trumpeters will give three blasts outside Friary Court (the palace’s eastern front) and genealogist Thomas Woodcock will proclaim King Charles III
  • During the nine days after her death, ritual proclamations and diplomatic assembling will take place
  • A four-nation tour will be undertaken by King Charles: England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland
  • Camilla Parker-Bowles, Duchess of Cornwall, will become Queen Camilla

The Funeral

  • Dignitaries and royal families from all over the world will come to London
  • Westminster Hall will be locked, cleaned and carpeted all over
  • The bollards on the Mall will be removed
  • There will be a great military parade from Buckingham Palace down the Mall and past the Cenotaph
  • The coffin will go to Westminster Hall and lie in state for four days
  • The doors will be open to the public for 23 hours a day, during which an expected half a million will come to see the Queen
  • Nine days after her death, the funeral will take place on a national bank holiday, following church services and memorial services across the UK
  • At 9 a.m., Big Ben will strike and the body will go from Westminster Hall to Westminster Abbey, arriving at 11 o’clock
  • The whole country will fall silent
  • The Archbishop of Canterbury will speak inside the Abbey

After the funeral

  • After the coffin emerges again, 138 sailors will pull it on a green gun carriage (a tradition which harks back to Queen Victoria)
  • The hearse will then go by road to Windsor Castle, and taken inside the chapel
  • The cameras will then stop broadcasting
  • The country will remain in mourning for at least three more days
  • The Queen may be buried at St. George’s Chapel at Windsor, Sandringham or even Balmoral in Scotland
  • The coronation of King Charles will be another national holiday
  • The words of the national anthem will change
  • Some confusion exists as to who will become ‘Head of the Commonwealth’, as the title is not hereditary
  • Australia may seek to become a republic

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